Dominant culture thinking by the top 1% creates their belief that they have authority to take sovereign indigenous land from First Peoples, and cause genocide/assimilation into their own enslavement/poverty at best. This is how the petroleum industry has entered into our society’s general groggy, habitual way of life. The top 1% encourage us to sleep, and feed upon our numbness and malaise that is fostered by the general media. The media that is easy to access without thinking about it. Think about it. Think. Get woke. Let all thoughts be “cleared” before you act, speak and before you judge.

Being of white decent, I have to ask myself often, how am I acting? Where is my choice taking me and my fellow Earthlings, two-legged, four-legged, winged, finned, hoofed, and belly-bound travelers?

I don’t have ancestral permission to be on Turtle Island. My lineage did not ask for permission to “take cuts” and take over. So, right now, right here, I ask for grace and forgiveness from the Earth for me and my ancestors who added suffering to those First Nations where I have lived and traveled on Earth. And, as I become more woke as possible, I continue to show my consciousness through my eyes, my actions, my art, my dance, my writing, my music, my breath, my attention and my dreaming. I hope that this is how I clean up my own part in the lineage and my own forward movement.

Who would be the ultimate sovereign One I can go to, who has authority to forgive the history? At this point, because I don’t participate in further genocide here where I live, I ask for the soil and the water to go to those who can give me release and rest. Please come back to me and tell me I am forgiven and all my relations. I don’t have the answers. I’m only able to use my self determination to speak about what I feel is right for me. 

Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts works to be an agent for waking those who are calling for support to that opening.