Duncan and I. This is currently our way of greeting and checking in with one another, every day.

My attentive presence and offering contact with his muzzle has proven to be very helpful to Duncan as he matures. Babies explore their world through the mouth, feeling, tasting, smelling. My voice too helps him understand etiquette for engaging with me. I set the stage, and leading by example how to connect with kindness, and gentleness (on both our parts) is a great opportunity for:

• learning how to talk with one another
• to build our family connection
• how to be a sensitive herdmate
• and for his sensorial exploration

Watching young horses grow up from foal age is a precious gift! I am grateful to experience everything he has to share with me in his development in mind and body throughout his lifetime. All the while, earning his trust, helping him to trust himself to be a good judge of character, and being authentically calm in new settings. This is foundational, and it takes time. “Horse time.”

I was telling a friend the other day about “horse time”. I’ve learned that horses can understand what we ask of them, and that they process a lot of information over several seconds so it is important for us to put a couple breaths between asks for them to reply, so they will be on the same page as we feel we are in that moment. Rather than labelling it as “slowing down” for the horse, I see it as more of an elongated cognitive process that is natural to them.

Something to remember when engaging with horses is that while we’re asking things of them, they are still checking in on our heartspace and what the energy feels like to them, because their number one priority is to maintain the herd equilibrium (whether two or more are present). Their go-to is to be in balance with those around them so that they feel unified and safe. Answering our needs comes second or third after safety.

A couple of Springtime pre-announcements:

In the very near future, we’ll be offering online Way of Council circles through Peaceful Horse. This is for you if you are actively caring for horses and/or engaging with them regularly and want to develop ease in communicating from the heartspace. Our horses will help facilitate the circles, and yours of course are absolutely welcome. If you would like to know more, feel free to subscribe to our email list. We’ll keep you up to date on how you can join us.

Also, there is an upcoming online 6-week program called The Horse is the Source, that we’re excited to offer in the coming months! Pre-registration will open soon and will be limited to a moderately small number of participants. This program is for you if you have horses in your life and are seeking ways to deepen that connection through the heart and visual intuition skills. News about this program will be included in Peaceful Horse emails as well. Come join us!

Peaceful Horse is an international community center, where the heart-connection with one’s self, with horses, and each other is what helps us feel a sense of true belonging, opening to living in joy and with purpose.