Peaceful Horse Workshop


Develop Peaceful Horsemanship together with Erika Rado and the horses as your guides.

  • Up to 4 People
  • 2 Hour Workshop


Rooted in Peaceful Horsemanship

Training at Peaceful Horse is in real-time, in-the-moment, and outdoors. Erika is your guide, interpreter, and helper every step of the way.

After booking, you’ll be contacted to schedule time to talk about your group, level of experience and goals, and we go from there. 



The horses naturally observe, test and communicate with us in micro-subtle cues, always in the moment, and so begins our education. We will have time to experiment and practice with each other sensing and noticing on the level that the horses use, in addition to engaging with the horses at a distance, contact-free. There is a wealth of communicated messages that they give, and we give. Becoming aware is the bedrock to this process. Any one horse may choose to engage with a specific participant, and so we remain flexible to the living curriculum, which is uniquely fresh every day, influenced by the environment and so many other factors! This is an in-person workshop!


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