Peaceful Horse Individual Lesson


Develop Peaceful Horsemanship working 1-on-1 with Erika Rado and the horses as your guides.

  • 1 hour session
  • $45/hour


Rooted in Peaceful Horsemanship

Lessons in listening start where you’re at.

  • Refine listening skills
  • Hone awareness
  • Foster positive inner presence

After booking, you’ll be contacted to schedule an interview to talk about level of experience and goals, in order to discern if Peaceful Horsemanship is the best fit, and we go from there. Training takes place at our private pasture, outdoors.



The Approach, Level 1

We begin with our contact-free baseline with the horses. We respect that you may have prior equine education and experience. This is going to be a new, micro-focused approach that continues to refine, even throughout all the levels. We are going back to an ancient way of exchanging information that will enhance your previous equine experiences, but prior knowledge is not required. How quickly students move through each level is very individual and is best thought of as an evolving spiral development rather than linear. Our horses lead the way, with Erika as your guide and interpreter. More details are provided as to The Approach process during the initial interview.

The Offering, Level 2

Building connection. Students start to see a shift, with enough of the foundation of The Approach, they are able to offer their touch to the horses, still at liberty. A wealth of communication and nuances are presented as students offer their touch to horses at liberty.

The Well of Connection, Level 3

Students learn to interact in the safe container of the picadero, a unique training area used in ancient horse training methods, with our horses or their own horse if they are able to transport them to our private pasture for class time.


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