Talk With Your Horse: A course to develop your subtle listening skills


Peaceful Horse Presents: Authentic Conversations With Your Horse.

A 6-week course to develop your subtle listening skills that enhance and uplift your equine connection. Discover how you can communicate on the same level as your horse!


Develop your natural ability to have authentic conversations with your horse! This course helps you develop the skills to discover their true opinions, work out miscommunication and past trauma, and deeply develop a connection that is dynamic and priceless. This is a 6-week course, live over Zoom or in person, depending on the group. The next course begins 6th August, 2022. You must have the same horse available to you throughout the course.

The relationship you have with your horse is one of the most beautiful and valuable connections that you’ve ever experienced, and you strive to nurture it in all the ways that you can. And, as with all important connections, you sometimes have real challenges between you. This course will teach you how you can bridge the divide and talk things out, no matter what your equine pursuits are and no matter how long you’ve been trying to find a solution. This is a course to help you develop your subtle sense of listening in equal measure: on being open, being authentic, and trusting yourself, to relate with your equine partner.

The course is like no other, so best to have an open mind and be willing to experience new approaches.

The focus is on you while your horse is co-facilitator. You become aware of the level of natural tuning-in you are capable of and will build on it.

The first and last class meetings are a combination of evaluation and ceremony centered on an art reading session that you’ll be observing live (you are observing the process). Art readings are a modality that Erika developed through her decades of healing work through art and her intuitive, medical massage therapy practice. You can read more about her art readings on the website under the Art Sessions heading. The invaluable experience provides each individual confirmation that they indeed have what is needed to go deeper into connection and conversation with their horse. No special tools are required to listen subtly, only demonstration and practice, which this course is designed to give you. The art reading sessions also bring the group as a whole together in a shared, unique, foundational experience that everyone has the opportunity to refer back to throughout the course, and beyond, to support the growing connection with your horse. The art sessions are an experience that is so unique it is difficult to describe. Best to experience! And with that, everyone will be on the same playing field and have a fruitful path ahead, together.

The four weeks in the middle will give you time to practice the new skills with each other before bringing it to your horse. There will be time for Q&A and sharing stories and experiences together. Erika will guide a visual journey meditation each week. An additional opportunity to gather at no extra cost for Way of Council circles will be available, with Erika as facilitator. The benefits and details to come as the course draws near.

As a result of the course, you will engage in conversation with your horse in a way that they naturally recognize and are at ease with. For us humans, it is labeled “intuition”. For the horse, it is just the way they naturally navigate life and talk with each other. You’ll be on the same page with them as long as you keep the practice going; and with your horse confirming and guiding you, it becomes second nature! Contact Erika for any further questions you may have about the course.

Erika’s professional background is in holistic healthcare as a Medical Massage Therapist, since 1990. For over 30 years, she’s studied and still actively practices a blend of several intuitive systems to support healing and wellbeing for people and animals. Horses have become her focus since rescuing her first horse, Maggie, in Spring of 2017. Soon after, she found six other horses on her path all in similar neglected/abandoned states. This was a Divinely created lifepath change in direction. Since then, they’ve ramped up her life purpose, and now it is time to bring the blend of skills to you and your horse, if this course speaks to you.

“Erika has the natural grace to hold a space firmly yet vulnerably. The way I imagine a master equestrian does who has no need to hold the reins tightly to be in close connection with their horse.” ~ Way of Council circle participant


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