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Erika Rado is an Intuitive Visual Artist and Animal Communicator. At Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts, Erika shares her gift of insight and creativity for life’s journey, whether human or animal. Erika is an educator in the art of Peaceful Horsemanship, providing individuals the opportunity to learn the subtle language of horses and realize new possibilities in living.

She has spent the past thirty years developing such seemingly contrasting careers as Medical Licensed Massage, visual fine art, intuitive consultations and animal communication.

Erika is an educator and consultant to individuals, corporate teams and people who are dedicated to making life more meaningful, fostering healthier choices, and cultivating a real connection with the Natural world. Erika, a passionate student of life, dedicates her life to be the best channel for those who seek her services.

Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, Erika cares for her animals and is composing her first art book manuscript while devotedly listening to the elements.

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Erika Rado, Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts
Erika Rado, Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts