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The Horse is the Source

By |   Duncan and I. This is currently our way of greeting and checking in with one another, every day. My attentive presence and offering contact with his muzzle has proven to be very helpful to Duncan as he [...]

Celebrate Me Home

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What does it mean to come home? I mean really come Home. A journey to that liminal place can take a lifetime or two. From where I sit however, it really is only a breath away. Seated within the heart. [...]

Sweet Potato

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Some things do receive closure we can recognize. 19 years ago I unknowingly wrote down a prophetic dream I had about being handed a white banana snake. In the dream, I was assured it wouldn't hurt me. But it bit [...]

Walking to Forgiveness

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Dominant culture thinking by the top 1% creates their belief that they have authority to take sovereign indigenous land from First Peoples, and cause genocide/assimilation into their own enslavement/poverty at best. This is how the petroleum industry has entered into [...]


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