Intuitive Art Reading Workshops

In an Intuitive Art Reading Workshop with Erika, you will experience a unique method of intuitive listening and how she transfers it into the live painting process. Then you will begin the journey yourself, to develop your new skill in reading paintings that come through you. 

Central to your success in reading art is the practice of open listening. It requires time and patience. At the heart of Erika’s teaching, she opens the door to listening from a deep, clear place. Also available for corporations and organizations.

For adults and older teenagers, workshops are on Zoom and when possible, in person.

Spirit Bird Breath
Spirit Bird Henna Feather

Experience the emerging image: what does that mean?

In each art session, together we become a collective. Whether it is with one client or dozens of participants as one body. Your presence and observation of the emerging artwork is at least 50% of what informs the visual messages that Erika receives and applies to the painting surface. We watch the development of this alive visual communication tool. Our gathered selves are what invites available insight to rise to the surface that would not otherwise have the unique, creative opportunity to arrive.

“I had an incredibly healing portrait session with Erika during a time when my cat was passing on. I will forever cherish this piece of art. It is beautiful and unique and brings me joy every time I look at it. It is a reflection of a difficult, but beautiful moment. Erika has a way of deeply connecting with animals, and when she was finishing up the portrait, my cat Luna, (who had been docile and hardly moving) made the trek from the bedroom to the living room and sat right next to her. It’s a memory I will cherish forever. I am deeply grateful for her work.”

~K.M., Bellingham, WA


Contact Erika for inquiries and to book a workshop for your group.