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Experiencing public art in-the-making entices passersby. The energy of their attention and presence contributes to the visual outcome of Erika’s work. Outdoor art is temporary, lingering for up to two weeks on average. That the art is fleeting adds to its unique nature.

Message from Erika:

Announcing a new Art Reading Series that is affordable for everyone (literally!) These sessions are a natural for feeling a colorful lightness of being if you’ve been overstressed or anxious. Or if you just want to attend a live reading from the comfort of your own cozy spot. I cordially invite you to join me at any one or all of these dates: Nov 28, Dec 12 & 26, Jan 9 & 23. From 11-1pm PDT. This series also makes a great holiday gift for folks who enjoy giving unique experiences! And, you can set your own price! You’ll find booking details in the Store.

Let me paint you a picture:

For a while now, perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit frazzled, there’s a lot on your mind and heart. It’d be great to have a break from it! So, you get ready to relax with some tea, sitting in your favorite quiet spot, looking forward to a couple hours to reset, unwind and chill out. It may just be that watching a live Zoom Art Reading session is just the ticket.

“From the first stroke of color Erika made, I felt a wave of emotion. I felt so seen by her. It didn’t matter she was in another state, and we were connecting over Zoom. I felt the palpable relief of being deeply understood…”

~ C.O., Sacramento, CA

If you’ve ever seen live theater or a musical performance, the energy is palpable to the performers and they in turn give back to the audience a unique and memorable experience. It’s a living, magical exchange! The painting sessions are much the same way, with an intuitive reading included. The energy of your presence is what I tune into and paint. What I see in the painting, I read back to the audience. The information that comes through touches lives, lights up personal stories, and can offer personal insight. You’ll also receive a digital copy of the painting. The personal benefits are known to last for weeks, even months!

Following registration, you’ll receive a unique Zoom link for each date you book. This series is “pay what you can” with a suggested value of $35 for public sessions. Pay what you can afford, and get the full art reading experience!

Private, 2-hour sessions are currently $222, and include owning your original signed intuitive portrait, a recording of your personal reading to review as much as you like, and a digital file of the portrait.

If there are folks in your life who you feel would be interested in this unique artwork and service, I thank you for sharing this newsletter with them, and for considering giving experiential holiday gifts!

I look forward to seeing you there!

~ Erika

Dragon Henna


Attend an upcoming event and receive a group reading by Erika. Each audience reading is uniquely influenced by those attending.


Erika is available for outdoor public art demonstrations for businesses, and community events, where a large area is available to work.