Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops are recommended especially for team building and corporate annual development meetings. In Corporate Creative Workspace Workshop, your team will experience Erika’s distinctive method of visual listening and the process of how she transfers the information in a live painting process, which has been developed over eight years.  

Erika fosters an experience that team or group members can lean on well after the Workspace experience by guiding you through the painting process from start to finish. At the heart of Erika’s teaching she opens the door to listening from a deep, clear place.

Corporate Creative Workspace is available over Zoom, and in person when social distancing is lifted. 

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“Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined and connected to one another. And, when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.”

~Daniel Pink, Author

Intuitive Team Building

Strengthen Collaboration

Uncover Solutions

Access Creative Intelligence

“Erika created a custom workshop for a few of us who were focused on fostering racial equity in our workplace. We wanted to step beyond the stale ways of looking at the issue of racial disparities in a corporate setting. As white women, we also wanted to connect to how we might uniquely contribute to a racially just world. We recognized that art and connecting to a bigger vision and deeper understanding is critical to unraveling structural racism. Erika worked with us to make a custom, beautiful and inspiring workshop.  She did a painting and reading for us that illuminated the depth of what we were grappling with. Her work also opened the possibility for an unknown, but beautiful, path forward that we had yet to uncover.  She also supported us in connecting to our own intuition and path by facilitating our own artistic creations. We left the workshop feeling rejuvenated and ready to meet the challenges of the work. I personally also felt more in touch with my own ability to connect to a deeper, more aligned way of approaching the challenges I was facing.”

~C.O., California  


Contact Erika to discuss how her unique, explorative process can support your group, and to book a bespoke workshop.