Erika Rado

Erika is a professional intuitive artist and guide for people and animals worldwide. Using ancient and familiar methods of communication, she facilitates unique consultations through the medium of pastel painting. With this, she is able to address client questions and awaken solutions. As an animal communicator, Erika supports animal companionship and wellness. As an equine educator, she fosters the development of embodied presence and listening, in collaboration with her horses, in full liberty. When not in consultations, Erika is the maker of two fine skin care products which are highly sought after, and beneficial to horses and people.

Erika Rado, Spirit Bird Intuitive Arts

A Clear Holistic Channel

Over the years, alchemical studies of visual art, sound healing and dance have expanded my receptive skills to be a dependable life guide for people of all ages. My study of the physical healing arts such as BodyTalk, Medical Massage Therapy and Reconnective Healing further awakened my ability to read living forms with gentle touch, to help reestablish balance.

Sooner or later, we all come to realize that life experience is the greatest teacher of all. Life pitfalls, deeply embarrassing mistakes, and a set of tenacious, loving, trickster guides has widened my natural skill as a clear holistic channel.

Third Eye Henna

“So much of this session was experienced from a place where there are no words. I felt transported to the timeless place, where truth and understanding exist, but are not spoken. I felt great peace … The rest would unfold, as I continue to experience the painting from my home.”

Intuitive Artist & Animal Communicator

What I’ve discovered is that everything in life is a message board when you are receptive and trusting.

Trust takes time to build.

And so, I have had lots of practice listening, making mistakes, honing my senses to receive information that serves my clients in the pursuit of the quality of life they long for.

Through my work as an intuitive artist and animal communicator I offer guidance to others who are learning to listen and be open to insights on their path.

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Erika Rado

“The enchanted life is one which is intuitive, embraces wonder and fully engages the creative imagination – but it is also deeply embodied, ecological, grounded in place and community. It flourishes on work that has heart and meaning…”

~Sharon Blackie

Intuitive Pastel Portraits

Erika paints energetic pastel portraits that provide an assistive reading device for life questions and concerns. Intuitive Art Readings through Portraits are a powerful visual tool that helps guide you along so that you don’t get swallowed up, swirling in the eddies on the journey. The nuanced assistance that an art reading offers is limitless. The only requirement is being open to receive it.