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“From the first stroke of the pastel, I felt transported to deeper levels of being, where there are no words, but true understanding exists. What is unique about this healing work and experience, is that it continues, through the painting every time I look at it.”

Intuitive Portrait

“Dearest Erika, Thank you for such a transformative experience. As we sat together in silence, and I watched you paint, I felt a deepening into the being-ness of all. It felt as though pieces (of the past?) were being brought into harmony. So much of this session was experienced from a place where there are no words. I felt transported to the timeless place, where truth and understanding exist, but are not spoken. I felt great peace and a sense that what was supposed to occur did occur with the completion of the painting. The rest would unfold, as I continue to experience the painting from my home. The painting now lives with me and through me. Thank you from the endless heart!”

~ A.K.

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